e-padlock email encryption

This website creates a paired ‘padlock’ and ‘key’ to conceal your personal data from prying eyes when you are sending it by email. If you are sending confidential personal information via email you really should use an email encryption system like PGP. Unfortunately many people don’t use it, and if you need to get someone […]


moulindeusseau.com is a community website for expats in the Poitou Charentes region of France. The website was created using the phpBB forum software with a considerable amount of tailoring to include additional features like advertising, games, blogs as well as the information forums. It includes news updates, weather and currency tools and is written in […]

Digger’s Blog

Diggery the dog is a simple soul – he likes chewing things and as his name suggests he loves digging. Digger’s Blog is his weblog about his daily life. Created in WordPress with an existing theme – it shows how easy WordPress is to use to create your website and add content to it (after […]


An internet security website written using WordPress with tips and tools to help improve internet security whilst surfing or emailing. It includes sections for general users as well as website designers. The website uses an existing WordPress theme with extensive modifications to improve functionality. Do you want a website like this?


ismysiteworking.com is a website designer toolbox website with a range of integrated PHP tools and links to useful website design resources. It checks a given url and undertakes a few simple tests and gives a report on the results to help improve the site. It includes some simple tips on website design. Do you want […]

Bed and Breakfast

A website written in html and css with a some simple javascript routines as well as jquery based javascript slideshows. The website also includes a bespoke contact form with javascript and php validation. The website is for a bed and breakfast business in Chef-Boutonne in the Poitou Charentes region of France. Do you want a […]


centre-ciel.eu is a web site developed for a French and German language school based in France and Austria. The site was developed using WordPress and standard theme with a multi-language plugin facility, using English, French and German. This allows the site admin to add content themselves using the WordPress administration tools without needing extra designer […]


violettealvin.com is a web site created for a painter based in France. The site was developed using HTML and PHP tools and created by us to meet the needs of the painter. The web site was created as a multi-language website in 3 languages (English, French and Germany) and the PHP tools allowed for updating. […]


hopeassoc.org is a web site developed for the Hope Association, an animal charity based in the Poitou-Charentes region of France. The charity raises money to help abandoned and abused animals. The site was developed using WordPress and a custom theme created by us to meet the needs of the charity. This allows the site administrators […]

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