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Web Hosting

Hosting is simply where the computer files which hold your web site are based. Depending on issues like the website complexity and the levels of traffic that your site receives will determine the type of hosting service you need. The 2 key factors being the processing power of the server to deal with complex internet interactions and the amount of bandwidth to send files to users. Both affected by the amount of users accessing your website at any time.

Shared Hosting

The simplest and lowest cost option is shared hosting - where a server (or group of servers) store multiple website files. The resources of ip address, cpu, memory and hard drive a shared across all of the sites. this means that the costs are shared too. these are ideal for simple, low traffic sites to give you an internet presence. unfortunately this also means that some hosting providers will overfill their servers causing problems for their customers in order to maximise their return.

VPS Hosting

If you can't afford a dedicated server then modern servers have the facility for their resources to be split into sections and offered as a VPS (Virtual Private Server) so that you get a portion of a server. The advantage over shared hosting is that it is possible to guarantee resources for your site. VPS offerings can vary considerably and generally offer considerable performance benefits but they do need to be managed as they usually come as a basic linux operating system.if your VPS (or the server hosting the VPS) goes down, so does your website.

Dedicated Hosting

For a dynamic, constantly changing site with lots of traffic a dedicated server (or group of servers) is necessary to handle the computing load and these are the most expensive option. Like a VPS you will need to manage the server yourself and should it fail - your website will fail too. The cost and resources of dedicated servers vary enormously across providers.

Cloud Hosting

A relatively recent phenomemon, cloud hosting exploits the networking abilities of multiple servers and matches it to VPS style technology to create effectively a VPS on a network of computers. You choose the amount of resources you want from the outset. They combine the guaranteed resources of a VPS with the ability to increase and decrease the resources consumed (and hence paid for) as your requirements vary. This system also offers a level of security as your website is not on a single server, but this flexibility is often more expensive for the resources you consume.

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