Marketing Services

Marketing Consultancy

It's said that a consultant asks for your watch to tell you the time; well at least we promise to give it back! We believe that you need to take a marketing perspective to all projects - even the simplest. It is our way of adding value to everything we do.

Business to Business Marketing

Business to Business Marketing needs a business like approach. Many agencies treat Business to Business as second class marketing - often leaving it to junior staff or consider it as an after thought. We have a track record of success in this field.

Staff Marketing

Effective incentives and good communication. The way that general consumer and trade marketing is implemented can also help to make the most of your most valuable assets - encouraging them to meet your shared goals.

Trade Marketing

Some chains are more important than others. Making sure that your consumer marketing activity is effective throughout the distribution chain can make the difference between a successful campaign with money well spent and money just flushed away.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is about adding a tangible value to your product or service to make a point of difference and stimulate an action. Sales Promotion can tip the balance at the point of decision making to increase profits significantly

Direct Mail

Stay in control of your direct marketing efforts for maximum effect. The key is to go back to first principles and use it intelligently - not just rely on technology to improve the efficiency of implementation.


From short and sharp to detailed trade publications it is important that your copy stimulates and involves the target audience. Translation services are available for multi-country campaigns.

Design and Artwork

From first designs trough to final production, good ideas are made to work harder. The MAC and PC have outstripped the drawing board, but the same principles of good ideas still apply to all forms of media for design including the Internet.

Production Management

From briefing creative specialists, through to finding the best production approach, we manage the production process from start to finish. We are happy to work with your own production people to get the best results for you. 'Implementation - on brief, on time and on budget.'


Free Gifts work to create interest and generate a response. Original ideas are the most effective and a premium musy complement your brand and convey a positive image for your business. Bespoke premiums can be an effective way to complement your product.

Business Research

You don't need to bury your head in the sand to miss the important signs. We work out what we need to know to improve your marketing and then undertake a bespoke programme to find the results - using whatever means necessary to do so cost effectively.
macleodblaine is a marketing and internet services agency, providing a range of marketing services from trade advertising, promotions, sales literature, as well as website design, hosting and internet advice.

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