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Marketing and cash flow Marketing is as important to a business as cash flow and just like cash flow your business will suffer if it is poor, and yet it is often the case that good marketing advice is hard to obtain cost-effectively. If you run a small business you have a number of choices -

You will soon be in the galling position of seeing inferior competitors being successful simply through effective use of marketing.

When you have the time! When you are not dealing with production, sales, personnel and distribution issues.

You then have a regular overhead which is only justified if you have a significant turnover. In addition, much of the work is adhoc related to the changing nature of your business.

This can be costly as many agencies are only interested in sizeable projects, and if the project is small you get to deal with the 'cheaper' junior staff.

He can produce the material, but will he be able to devise a marketing strategy to really market your business effectively?

Good Marketing without all the spectators

There is another alternative

Good Marketing - without all the spectators. A dedicated service for small businesses where you deal only with a professional with over 25 years of business experience. A service tailored to their particular requirements and importantly, their budgets.

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