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If you need to email personal information and want to keep it private then why not use an e-padlock. Free to use, it encrypts your private data for email and then decrypts it when safely at the other end - so your data is safer on the internet.


A diagnostic website that checks the key information about a website and reports back with comments on a range of issues. The site also includes links to other useful sites to make the most of your website.

Password Assessor

There are many Password strength testers, but do they really give a good indication of your password? The password assessor reviews the entered password and assesses it against a range of criteria including whether the password is one of the 99%+ most common passwords in use.


Do you find it difficult to make decisions? Choice-o-matic is a decision making website being developed to cover the process of decision making.


The website is dedicated to advice and useful tools to improve web user security and privacy on the web. Simple stuff to improve web security.

Wordpress Management Guide

Do you want a Wordpress website but find it difficult to get into the software? The Wordpress Management Guide is being developed to cover the process of managing one of the most popular CMS format systems in use today.

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