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There are two elements to any web site contract, although these are often combined in various offers. First, the Domain Name (often described as URL or Uniform Resource Locator), the web site address that will locate your web site on the internet.

Web Site Hosting

The second element is the Hosting, or simply where the computer files which hold your web site are based. Large web sites will be located on clusters of computers called 'servers', smaller sites will be based on a single dedicated server and very small sites will share the resources of a single server.

Static Web Site

In order to assess what your hosting requirements are it is useful to know whether you want to change the content of the website on a regular, or even per viewer, basis or you are happy for the site to remain static from day to day with infrequent updates of additions. A static site means your web site is like a brochure or leaflet written in HTML. Although it is possible to make it more dynamic using scripts, HTML is not suited on its own to a more dynamic site, with search facilities, contact forms or even ecommerce.

Dynamic Web Site

For a dynamic, constantly changing site you need a processing language like PHP which can be used to perform a range of dynamic functions, from calculations, dealing with a database of records which can help with search routines, ecommerce, blogging, forums, input forms or any site where processing of data is useful. In this case the server will process the files to create the HTML web pages each time it is served to the user.

Ecommerce Site

This is where you sell things from your web site. You will need to have a number of features, for example a database. Payments on the site need to be secure and the facility to use SSL encryption (the padlock symbol in your browser) is useful, although not essential, if you take payments by Paypal or cheque. However you will need to be careful with personal information and deal with passwords. It is possible to obtain ready made programs, often written in PHP, which can deal with all of these requirements and simply be personalised to your needs.

Updating your site

The main consideration is how you want to update your web site. One option is to have a web site designer add all of your files and create the web site to your requirements and then simply email him with changes, which he will undertake for a fee. The cost might go up with regular changes and a second option is to consider a CMS (Content Management System), like WordPress, that you can manage yourself, once installed by your designer, who can simply check from time to time for upgrades and other security issues and be available for advice and guidance.

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