e-padlock email encryption

e-padlock at secureonthenet.com
e-padlock screenshot

This website creates a paired ‘padlock’ and ‘key’ to conceal your personal data from prying eyes when you are sending it by email.

If you are sending confidential personal information via email you really should use an email encryption system like PGP.

Unfortunately many people don’t use it, and if you need to get someone to e-mail you some information and they don’t use encryption, then what do you do?


Simple – go to secureonthenet.com and create your personal, unique e-padlock and key. Next email the person sending the data the padlock file and keep the keyfile.

They can then use the padlock file to ‘encrypt’ the data and send the resulting code in an email to you. When you receive it you use your ‘key’ file to decrypt the code so you can read the original data. The data will travel as meaningless code making it safe from all but a determined individual.

If you would like to get an e-padlock for future use to protect your personal data then you can get one HERE. The e-padlock padlock and keyfiles are written in html and javascript which means they should work on any PC that has an internet browser and it has been tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


Created using HTML, PHP and Javascript to keep it easy to use, the website which generates the padlock and key is also protected by SSL encryption so that the e-padlock and key, once generated will be protected while being sent to the initial user.

If you would like a website like this then let us know your requirements and we would be happy to prepare proposals.