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Domain name & hosting

First element of a web site is the Domain Name (often described as URL or Uniform Resource Locator), the address that will locate your web site on the internet - what you want to call your site.

The second element is the Hosting, where the computer files which are your web site are based. The website can be created using a range of software and the files are hosted on web servers accessible on the internet.

Static website or a Dynamic site?

type of website

A static site means your web site is like a brochure or leaflet written in HTML. Although it is possible to make it more dynamic using scripts, HTML is not suited on its own to a more dynamic site.

A dynamic site needs a processing language like PHP which can be used to perform a range of functions, perhaps dealing with a database of records which can help with search routines, ecommerce, blogging, forums, input forms or any site where processing of data is useful. In this case the server will process the files to create the HTML web pages.

editing your website

Updating your website

The main consideration is how you want to update your web site.

One option is to have a web site designer add all of your files and create the web site to your requirements and then simply email him with changes, which he will undertake for a fee. Simple, but the cost might go up with regular changes and it lacks flexibility.

The second option is to consider a CMS (Content Management System), like WordPress, that you can manage yourself, once installed by your designer, who can simply check from time to time for upgrades and other security issues and be available for advice and guidance. there is a learning curve for the CMS software, but this will be worthwhile with regular input.


Website Hosting

Hosting is simply where the computer files which hold your web site are based. Depending on issues like the website complexity and the levels of traffic that your site receives will determine the type of hosting service you need.

shared hosting
Shared hosting
The simplest and lowest cost option is shared hosting - where a server (or group of servers) store multiple website files. These are ideal for simple, low traffic sites to give you an internet presence. If you have a simple site and are expecting limited traffic this is likely to be fine for many startups.
dedicated hosting
Dedicated Hosting
If you are expecting a higher traffic levels from the start, or you have a site with a level of complexity that will need access to the management of the server, you will need dedicated hosting. Three options exist and these vary in cost and flexibility: VPS, dedicated server or cloud hosting.

Website Development

existing website

Existing website

You have a website, but are looking to develop it, are having problems or want to start again with a new approach.

editing your website

Updating your website

If you are having issues with the management of your website you might need to look at the process of managing content and updating. Consider a CMS (Content Management System), like WordPress, that you can manage yourself, or dedicated software based around your systems.

website hosting

Website Hosting

If you are having issues regarding hosting, perhaps in terms of traffic levels or security you may need to look at a more advanced form of hosting. Shared hosting works for simple low traffic websites and also websites where you do not need access to the higher management of the server, perhaps involving specialist software. If you need more, then you have to look at some form of dedicated server.

Three options exist and these vary in cost and flexibility:

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

A VPS gives you a portion of a real server. Main advantages over shared hosting : guaranteed resources for your site, performance benefits, easy to expand and can handle complex software requirements. They do need to be managed as they usually come as a basic linux operating system.

dedicated server
Dedicated server

For a complex site with lots of traffic a dedicated server (or group of servers) is necessary to handle the computing load and these are a more expensive option. Like a VPS you need to manage the server. The cost and resources vary considerably. Unlikely to be necessary unless you have a lot of traffic.

cloud hosting
Cloud hosting

Uses the networking of multiple servers and matched to VPS style technology to create effectively a VPS on a network of computers. You choose the amount of resources you want. Combines the guaranteed resources of a VPS with the ability to quickly increase and decrease the resources purchased as your needs change.

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